Each year Autism Live curates a list of top toys and gifts in a wide range of categories and developmental levels to help you find the perfect gift to delight the children, teens and adults in your life who are on the Autism Spectrum. This year we have chosen toys in various price ranges to help you make the perfect holiday selection.  We hope there is something to delight everyone on your list!

Top Toy Winner





Flipslide is an addictive, fast paced puzzle game of skill! Master the moves to beat the blocks – flip to find the colour and slide to match the lights. Challenge yourself or play with friends. The only hard part is putting it down! The fun never ends with four game modes to choose from: Speed Mode, Multiplayer Mode, Level Mode or Memory Mode.

Autism Live Says:

We love the fast paced motor puzzle solving aspects of this game and the ability to share the game socially with friends.

Therapist Recommendation Toy Winner

Mad Smartz



6+ Years

Mad Smartz is based on the card game Uno. The purpose of the card game is to help children with the following challenging issues: Anger Management, Social Skills, Empathy, and a Hodge-Podge of other matters, i.e., confidence, and cooperation. Kids improve social skills and emotional development by responding to questions and reviewing tip cards.

Autism Live Says:

We love that this game was specifically designed to support parents and therapists as they help children and teens overcome challenges having to do with emotional development.

STEM Toy Winner

Shashibo Battle Shapes

Fun in Motion


8+ Years

Shashibo Battle Shapes® is for Shashibo lovers with puzzling twists and turns! Play solo or challenge a friend to see who can create the most Shashibo shapes the fastest! Each shape card has a QR code to a video tutorial on how to make the shape.

Autism Live Says:

We didn’t think we could love Shashibo more, but Battle Shapes adds a whole new social component to go with the already robust STEM building skills and the truly unique focus building aspect.  We are in love all over again.

Speech Builder Toy Winner

Folkmanis® Funny Bird Puppet



The movable mouth Funny Bird puppet is hilarious and fun. High in play value, puppets inspire creativity, promote hands-on discovery, encourage interaction, advance fine and gross motor skills, and help develop early language skills.

Autism Live Says:

We can’t get enough of this special puppet.

His hilarious expressions and the way his fur move are truly high comedy! Never underestimate the power of a puppet to create a social lubricant and foster language!

Social Skills Builder Toy Winner


Lux Blox


Lux Dinos boast full articulation, empowering you to bring their legs, arms, heads, and tails to life. Whether you pose them creatively or incorporate them as realistic props. Prepare for genuinely lifelike movements!

Autism Live Says:

We love Lux Blox building systems and this new dinosaur is the newest member of the family.  The coolest thing is she moves!  She even wags her tail. This is the perfect toy for builders and those who love dinosaurs.

Sensory Toy Winner


Wild Republic


Snuggleluvs are soft, whimsical stuffed animals, oversized with long fluffy hair. Designed to provide comfort & ease anxiety with their added weight, extra softness, and optimal cuddling size, they are a stress-relieving companion for all ages.

Autism Live Says:

OMG!  These Snuggleluvs are aptly names!  Try not to hug these large, soft, adorable friends. It’s not possible.  They are truly a lovely sensory experience.  We especially love their size, which is ideal for kids of all sizes.

Parents Recommendation Toy Winner

Mega Magic Set

National Geographic


Learn the techniques behind many famous magic tricks, including illusions that use cups and balls, a false thumb tip, the ball and vase, an illusion box, a mysterious coin case, and a magic wand. Practice and perform with two special magician’s card decks. These decks allow kids to perform a wide range of tricks and are great tools for learning sleight of hand.
This kit contains a link to step-by-step video instructions, with each trick performed by a professional magician!

Autism Live Says:

We love all the skills that can be learned from this kit starting with fine motor skills but also including perspective taking skills and speech skills!  Magic is a great way to make learning fun.

Oldie but Goodie Toy Winner

Care Bear Denim Bears

Basic Fun®


The Care Bears are a group of lovable, huggable BFFS who are all about spreading good caring vibes across the world, and this time they are doing it in style – with their NEW DENIM designs!The 14” Care Bears Denim Bears are perfectly on trend with denim-designed belly badges and fun Care Bears tags. In addition to their stylish look, they are made with recycled materials – designed with the earth in mind!

Autism Live Says:

These precious bears are certainly a sentimental favorite. We still love the ideals that Care Bears teach about caring and sharing. 

Motor Play Toy Winner

Krom Pop Lol

Rue Paradis Aps


Kendama is a traditional Japanese toy, that gained massive popularity in the USA and Europe during the past years due to its benefits for coordination, balance, psychomotricity, and focus. It also allows players to express themselves creatively.

Autism Live Says:

We love these well-made toys and the many different ways you can play.  This is a toy that will take a fair amount of practice to master, but it is so exciting when there is any measure of success.  It is very rewarding. The fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills this toy builds are undeniable.

Kid's Choice Toy Winner

Flying Orb Ball



The flying orb ball is the ultimate performer of incredible flight tricks. It zooms straight through the air, performs cool boomerang flights, hovers magically on your hand, and executes mind-blowing 90° turning flying. And these are just the basics! There’s a treasure trove of endless flight modes and possibilities waiting for you to explore.

Autism Live Says:

Kids love this toy. It flies, it lights up, it hoovers.  This one is just pure fun and exploration. A great gift when your aim is to make them light up with joy.

Empowering Employment Skills Toy Winner


Trunk Works


Think A Link is fun card game with simple instructions.  Solve problems creatively by proposing solutions using cards containing every day objects. It can be played competitively or cooperatively. This innovative fun card game includes 2 decks of problem and solution cards, a total of 108 cards, 1 instruction card which makes it perfect to play for hours.


Autism Live Says:

Part of learning pre-employment skills is problem solving.  This game makes it fun to think creatively to solve problems.

Educational Toy Winner

Henoda Robot



This educational construction stem toy lets children enjoy the fun of building while promoting children’s hand-eye coordination and practical problem solving skills. The robot toys moves in all directions-left, right, forward, backward and 360 degree rotating stunt with glowing eyes, flexible rotating hand joints.

Autism Live Says:

These interactive robots make it fun and exciting to explore building and programming a robot to move on command.

Best Card/Board Game Winner

Chroma Cube

Project Genius


 Try to decipher the cryptic clues on any of the 25 puzzle cards that accompany this set to determine how the colors should be arranged. If you’re stumped, don’t worry! – The answers to each puzzle are on the back of the card.

Autism Live Says:

This high-quality brainteaser game strengthens logic and problem-solving skills.  We love the colorful cubes that make it almost like a work of art. We love the feel of these cubes and the practical way they allow us to visually problem solve each of the challenges.  This game is the perfect anecdote to screen time.

Boredom Buster Toy Winner

Crazy Aaron's Lost Treasure Guardians

Crazy Aaron's


Explore Crazy Aaron’s® Lost Treasure Guardians! Ten lost treasures are waiting to be encountered along your quest but beware of the protectors. Each collectible mini tin includes Thinking Putty® and a guardian charm with their own unique persona.

Autism Live Says:

What a delightful activity this is for a rainy day. Part treasure map, part sensory experience, this set will chase away the doldrums.  Your tween/teen will love solving the mystery of the treasure, and then they will continue to enjoy the sensory experience that only Crazy Aaron’s®Thinking Putty® can deliver!

Best Video Game Winner

Labo Robot Kit

Nintendo Switch


Build cardboard creations called Toy-Con with step-by-step interactive instructions on your Nintendo Switch. Combine Toy-Con creations with Nintendo Switch to play in entirely different ways. Uncover how each Toy-Con works as you put them together, then use your discoveries to play.
Includes software; Nintendo Switch console is required and is sold separately.

Autism Live Says:

If you are concerned about screen time this is the perfect answer.  It allows your tween/teen to create components to use inside their game!  Instead of just being a passive player in the game, they are now a creator, builder, coder changing the very fabric of the game and its story.  There is even the potential to share their game elements with other players. This is a game changer.

Best Puzzle Winner

Puzzle by Number Map

Plus Plus USA


Build your way across the country! Follow the enclosed pattern by placing each color on its matching number to create all 50 states. Flip the poster over to discover over 700 interesting state facts— flags, mottos, state capitals, and more.

Autism Live Says:

This puzzle is a great way to learn the states while having fun! Studies show that having a tactile sensory experience can create a deeper learning experience.  This addictive puzzle makes learning US geography and state facts a deeply rewarding multi-sensory experience.  Puzzles also create a ideal environment to connect and communicate.

Best Book Winner

Uniquely Wired! A Story about Autism and Its Gifts

By Julia Cook


Uniquely Wired is written for students, parents, educators and counselors who can use this vibrantly illustrated storybook to increase children’s awareness of autism spectrum disorders and foster greater understanding toward those on the spectrum.

Autism Live Says:

This is lovely book to share with your teen/tween to erase stigmas and build self-esteem. Published by Boy’s Town Press, this is also a great book to share with siblings, grandparents, and other friends and family that would like a deeper understanding of the way their loved ones on the spectrum see the world and process information.

Best Art/Craft Winner

Sharpie Markers Ultimate Collection



Bravely break away from dull and boring with the ultimate collection or proudly permanent, vividly brilliant Sharpie Permanent Markers. This packed collector’s edition set comes complete with 25 fine tip and 20 ultra-fine tip markers in bold, original, and cosmically charged colors.  

Autism Live Says:

Everyone wants to be creative when you have this many Sharpies in this many colors.  We love the wide variety of colors and sizes in this kit.  It is a gift that will last for years of creative possibilities.

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