ABA – Aggressive Behavior – Speech

5:45 – Hi, I love your show. I’m from UK and currently hiring some psychology students to be trained by my BCBA and then work with my kid. What do you think the ideal candidate would be? And what do YOU look for in interviews?

11:02 – Hi, Thank you so much for the show, I find it so helpful and love the “Can do attitude”. I work with a child who has escape behaviors. When given an instruction, he runs around the classroom. He is quick and strong and the behavior technician is unable to stop him. He ends up getting away with tasks, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Now I have the behavior technician stand right near him with her hand on his arm while giving an instruction. He is still quicker than her and still runs away. We also do lots of choices and allowing escape if he asks appropriately. We do High P request sequence but he stopped complying with easier tasks. Although his behavior did decrease, it is no longer decreasing, any ideas?

13:34 – I’d be interested in hearing from an expert of their thoughts about cyber-school/Home-Schooling and any advice for kiddos who suffer from sleep issues as to how to effectively get their kids to wake up.

20:43 – Why is ABA so expensive? Insurance will not pay for it, if they do it’s not much. Cannot get Medicaid because of income cutoffs. So how can you get the help you need if the cost is $85-95,000?

31:49 – I need to ask Dr. Doreen, we are a family with a 7 year old autistic boy emigrating from Egypt to Florida. As a father, I am communicating to one of the autism centers in Tampa, but unfortunately we were informed that he has to be on a waiting list for almost one year, please advise. How can we avoid that? We do not want to waste my son’s time staying at home.

35:22 – What can I say to parents who have a BIG issue with ABA? Saying that the older autism community detest it and found it to be abusive. I don’t agree with this at all. I’m an RBT and a mom of an 11 year old with autism.

50:36 – Can ABA help to reduce aggressive behavior? Hitting, Kicking, Biting, Scratching, etc. in an older child who is 8, 9, or 10 years old, and how do they change this behavior?

55:55 – What are the ways to increase speech for kids with autism?