ABA Programs – OT – Sound Sensitivity

4:40 – It’s really hard to cope with this quarantine COVID-19. Our son is keeping us on our feet, it’s a big challenge having to look after my 8 year old son who is extremely hyper. Not aware of danger. Today he went out of the garden with his scooter to the main road. Had a lucky escape. Is there a medication to keep my little boy calm and less hyper? He’s non-verbal and we are thinking about getting a GPS tracker.

12:30 – I’m so overwhemled, i’m a nurse, I work two nights a week, I have an almost 5 year old with autism. I’m doing his ABA program with the help of his BCBA. I’m also doing his speech and OT. I’m also helping my 12 year old (neurotypical) with E-learning. I just want to cry. I won’t quit but I am struggling so much right now.

16:11 – Does anyone know a way for a teenager who has not been evaluated yet to still be evaluated for autism if their state is in a stay at home order?

18:28 – Do you have any advice for a 2 year old that was eating good, but in the last few months has really become very picky. He’s a sensory kid according to his OT.

23:55 – How do I get the IBT Training?

25:05 – I cannot seem to get my 10 year old away from his Ipad, his computer and his phone. How do I try to take away so much dependence on technology, especially in this moment in time.

34:20 – What if you introduce everything and its mother but it still returns to the non-age appropriate toy?

43:55 – I have a 20 month old that has already tested hi risk for autism on the M-CHAT. I’m on a wait list for the developmental pediatric specialist but I’m wanting a full eval, a diagnosis ASAP for him so he can have access to resources. What’s the best way to go about that?

45:35 – I have a 33 year old that is working at Ralph’s. Any suggestions on how I can discuss COVID virus safety? Today I finally got him to wear a mask a work. He is very unaware of boundaries and space.

49:50 – What are the signs of intellectual disability in an autistic kid? My son is 6, and he is functionally verbal, but he has not been tested for his IQ yet. Is there an intelligence test for a kid like him?

53:53 – My son is autistic and he’s 3 years old. He’s not bothered with loud music or sounds, in fact, he loves loud music. He loves to dance to it. Should I assume that he will not develop a sensitivity to loud noises as he grows up? Or is there a possibility that as he grows up, he will be intolerant to the loud sound?

56:03 – My 3 year old son is saying one word and reading, how long does it take for him to communicate effectively or say more than one word?