ADHD – Learning Disabilities – Anxiety

19:59 – Hi Shannon and Dr. Doreen, from Northern Ireland. I’ve written to you many times and received amazing advice. Here I am again. My son is verbal and is now 15 years old, autistic, ADHD, learning disability and anxiety. He takes medication for his ADHD and fluoxetine for anxiety. As I write this, my son is going through a difficult time with his anxiety and hasn’t left my bedroom from Sunday. One of his fears is a particular singer who happened to come on to the radio in school last Friday. It sounds so irrational to be afraid of something like this, but this seems to be how his anxiety affects him. Now he doesn’t want to leave my bedroom and has a panic attack if I suggest watching TV in a different room. I am really at a loss as to how I can help him. I would really appreciate any advice you could give me.

34:38 – How are we going to continue therapy in all this mess? I’m terrified but I don’t want my son to regress.

51:34 – Hello Dr. Doreen and Mrs. Shannon, I’ve written in a few weeks back about screaming. Can sudden onset of screaming, anxiety, mood change, defiance to do even daily routine tasks, say no to favorite activities in a 10 year old on the autism spectrum be PANDAS, or is it puberty? Thank you.