ADHD, Medication, Extinction + More

8:56 – My brother (14) has autism and ADHD as well as some other things that aren’t currently important. His special interest is cats. We have a few, and I understand that he likes talking about them, but every single conversation somehow delves into him talking about cats. I’m not being dramatic, you can ask him anything and his response will somehow be related to cats/delve into the conversation of cats. It’s maddening. Earlier today I was trying to eat breakfast and he went off on some tangent about cat genetics. I was seriously trying to ignore him but for whatever reason it was just getting on my nerves. I hate that I have to go eat alone just so I can eat peacefully. I said, word for word, “Shut up, nobody cares about cats, its f****ing annoying,” My parents saw red and my brother was quiet. We managed to finish breakfast before they said anything. Despite the fact that my parents were trying to burn holes into me with glares, it was honest to god the most peaceful breakfast I have ever had. They basically grounded me until they think I’ve learned my lesson so I’ll probably be grounded until they forget I’m supposed to be grounded. They’re calling me ablest while ignoring the fact that I’m struggling with him. I don’t see why I have to put up with him all the time, I just want to eat with my parents in peace. But of course, that’s not allowed because everything has to be comfortable for him. Despite the fact that I thought I was in the right at the time, they’re making me feel really guilty and I’m having a pretty serious internal debate so I bring my query to you instead. Am I the a**hole? Just adding that I’ve tried asking politely several times in the past and he just ignores me. My parents also don’t care on my feelings, they just want him comfortable so talking to them is useless. What should I do, I love him, but this is driving me up the wall.

22:15 – Follow up: an appointment with the psychiatrist hopefully not too many days after. He is now on 2mg of guanfacine since Sunday, since he was on 1mg for 4 weeks with no result. we will stay on guanfacin Until we can have an appointment with a psychiatrist and then maybe they can put him on Xanax. My question is. We took a break from zoom classes since he was having panic attacks and bad anxiety It’s been close to 3 weeks and he’s still having them but I’m concerned that he will regress if we take a really long break. But it was really hard for him to do a few minutes of work with his anxiety

25:01 – How to deal with new aggression behavior he is hitting Pinching. He is using calm. He is 5 with ASD working on functional communication

41:00 – I have a 4.5 year old nonverbal son. Wanted to know how I can increase his joint attention. He’s aware of his family and doesn’t interact so much of us but also has separation anxiety so he wants us

44:15 – 3 year old in ABA, speech, OT has was allocated 24 hours ABA but she only sits through about 2.5 hours for 6 days a week approx 12. Started ABA in Oct 19 home based Aba providers keep changing With the provider due to turnover or scheduling changes how can I get consistency in ABA 3 year old does not mask so she cannot go to a center. Also how can I encourage more language she talks but Not in line with 3 year olds without ASD. She only talks to request things not for conversations or if I ask her a question she may or may not answer How is spontaneous 2-way communication developed right now I coach her how to respond to questions by modeling And writing because she reads

47:56 – We worked with CARD for many years to learn and support a now adult with ASD. Always lost and shocked as to what to say when I hear professionals who speak so negatively about ABA. Any advice?

53:11 – I’m currently changing providers because our supervisor said that increasing hours isn’t going to help my son and added they are only here to teach us parents Aba

56:13 – Quinton is now constantly playing with his spit- he does it when he’s bored, whiles he’s playing after he gets “in trouble”. It really doesn’t matter what he’s doing in the day he will play with it, its distracting him during bedtime and its giving me overload hearing him play with it in his mouth, it makes me want to gag. How do I extinct that behavior. He won’t chew gum. I give him bubbles and playdough- but it’s not working.