Aggression, ABA with Teletherapy, Evaluations

7:04 – Dear autism live, I am writing from Ireland. My four year old child is being assessed for autism has some words like, Mommy, go, hello, me, he calls himself ‘doi’ his name is John. He said bubbles in his first session last week and he sings happy birthday to himself and jingle bells. He also loves to say happy birthday. What can I do to improve his speech and is my child considered verbal or nonverbal. The clinical psychologist Said that he also has words hidden under his tongue in the form of echolalia. We said to him when he met the pediatrician that you are going to meet the doctor. He actually said the word doctor but just once. In fact, this happens often. He says a word and it disappears.

21:08 – My son is 18 and has his senior year to complete. Tristan has always been a sweet young boy however within the last year and a half after we got a dog he has become very aggressive and I’ve exhausted all resources. I’m so emotionally and physically spent i’m between a rock and a hard place. I love him to pieces and don’t know where to go for HELP! I live in the Daytona area in Florida

23:47 – What are the signs that will make you believe or think that a kiddo will reach a high functional level?

32:20 – Hi Shannon, today is my kids aba evaluations! I am excited but nervous! Ages 3,5. We have been on waiting list almost 2 years. I am not experienced in aba. What is your thoughts for my son 5 verbal functions well in the right environment and supports. 2 days aba 3 days remote learning through public school? I fear remote learning is not going to do anything for social development.

39:20 – We’re in Tucson AZ and I’m adopting a 13 year old boy on the spectrum and am having a hard time with his school giving him self contained classes due to his severe anti social behavior and ideas what I could do to light the fire?

42:02 – I have a 26 yrs old that has high function autism… we are having problem getting him to sleep through the night… he on 3 different sleeping meds .. none of it working… he watches a lot of TV .. he loves his Disney movies … I have a lot of support .. I go to lot of training .. I use them all sometime they work and some times they dont … really looking for some ideas to get him to stop watching tv before bed and sleep through the night.. very frustrated … lack a sleep is a trigger for his seizures …

51:15 – Are a lot of these children young ages 2-6 that get recovered?