Appeal Process Explained + Locke & Key Actor Coby Bird Returns!

Don’t miss this a repeat of the rare surprise LIVE Episode of Autism Live! In this special episode, our host Shannon Penrod explains what appeal process means in autism jargon terms for the Autism Jargon of the day before getting to our special guest, an actor from the Netflix Original Series Locke & Key and returning guest, Coby Bird! Tune in and see what Coby has been up to and what he has planned for the future!

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Instagram & Twitter @thecobybird

Cameo: Coby Bird…

9:14 Autism Jargon of the Day: Appeal Process

11:10 Appeal Process – Actual Definition

12:32 Appeal Process – Working Definition

19:19 Question of the Day – Have you ever been “Short-Changed” by your insurance?

18:34 Topic of the Week – Art as a form of communication

20:32 Zpods @zPODS

23:15 Locke & Key Actor and Disability advocate Coby Bird joins us again!

33:38 The Actress that plays your Rufus’ Mother on Locke & Key and the gift she gave Coby.

39:44 Bike Riding

44:06 What was it like living in so many different places?

56:14 what is the one thing in closing that you would like the world to know about you and about Autism?

1:01:06 What to expect on Autism Live

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