Ask Dr. Doreen πŸ”΄- Aggressive Behavior – ABA Therapy – Gut Leak

Our host Shannon Penrod is joined yet again by the one and only Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh! Dr. Doreen will be answering questions about aggressive behavior, ABA Therapy and Gut Leak and much more! Check it out! If you want to write in a question anonymously for a future show, just email or our producer at or write in to Dr. Doreen on TikTok!

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Recorded December 15, 2021

3:44 about the Sensitive Santa Event Sunday December 19, 2021!…

11:03 I have a question do autistic kids have gut leak? is there any scientific approved theory?

14:05 Is Keto diet is good for ASD kids?

19:36 Please share more . What diet helped your kid . Is that when you moved to organic?

20:39 My kid is not aggressive but if I say No to him for things he asks like Ipad , cookies , or when I ask him to work, he hits me. How do I make him not hit me when his demands are not met?

32:49 What can you do if your child becomes violent and is too big to control anymore? How to keep them safe and the family safe?

35:43 My 4-year-old can do so much more lang./cognitively/socially w/ me or therapists 1 on 1 than at preschool (12-kid Spec Ed) where other kids overwhelm him (socially & sensory). Will this improve over time?

41:26 β€œWhat’s not good for Autistic children is ABA.”

43:50 My kid was in gen ed with a 1/1 but he was expected to perform like a NT child and he failed. He was finally moved to special class. He is 7.5

50:50 One of student parents complain that he become aggressive say no whenever They want him to do a task at home

51:13 One more question if we give omega three fish oil before ASD kids going to bed that is grate help for sleep

52:25 Thanks so much. It is very hard to know what the child does in school whole day as our kids can’t express much. Parents are not allowed to go inside the school due to COVID. What can be done please?

57:23 hello my name is rosario My Son is 5 years old he was diagnose with Down Syndrome at the age of 3 years old. He does not have Autism, would he still qualify for your services.… #AutismPodcast #AutismQuestions #Behavior