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3:45 Question 1 “Please god, help me. I’m not a parent, but I’m the youngest child in the family (20). My mom (59) has scoliosis, has extreme back pain, arthritis, one working eye, upon other issues, including depression. My sister (25), has autism. She talks and makes noises constantly, repeating things she’s heard over and over and over again. I’m not sure if echolalia is the right term for it, but it’s close enough. This happens every day, all day. Even when she’s eating and trying to fall asleep. I’ve put up with it for my 20 years of living with her. I’m more or less numb to it now, but sometimes one of her noises or sayings really gets to me. I used to be the one most upset by her, but now it seems that my mom can’t take it anymore. The past few months, she has been increasingly more and more stressed, at her wits end at trying to ease my sister’s constant rambling. She keeps saying that she can’t take it anymore, and at one point, gestured a motion of strangulation towards her, while her back was turned. We’ve tried everything, but it seems like we’re too far gone to control her. Ignoring her does nothing, she will keep doing whatever she’s doing. Yelling at her does nothing either, she will think it’s funny and laugh at you. Taking her belongings away from her makes it worse. My mom tried to take her iPad (the only thing she plays on all day) away, and she grabbed hold of my mom’s arm very tightly. She hurt her. There’s a huge bruise near her elbow now. I just don’t know what to do anymore. Mom being stressed directly affects me, as she will usually be unable to control her anger and take it out on me by yelling. Mom says she can’t help it, sister can’t help being autistic, and I can’t help being so f’ing done with the situation. I’m so tired. I just want peace. We don’t have a car, we live in an apartment, there’s no other options. We can’t do anything. Every solution that we’ve come up with ends up with us being too poor to go through with it. I feel like someone is going to snap one of these days. It could be any of us. Please, God, help me.”
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22:15 Question 2 my son do ask many questions abt his daily life activities. but he is lacking this skill in his academics. we are using SKILLS. Currently working on his lang, cognitive &social skills. He is high functioning.
24:41 Question 3 here is my last question of the year. since the holidays are in a few days. A lot of people are anxious, myself included about the holidays. Any advice on handling the holidays like a pro?
31:01 The 2021 Autism Network Autism Advocate of the year!
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37:50 Question 4 “Help for a 32 year old on the autism spectrum with anger issues”
40:23 Question 5 Can anyone give advice to this for me: I am 17 and my brother is 3 and has autism. He is starting to speak but he screams and shouts all the time whether he is sad or rlly happy. It is a proper loud shout though and goes straight to my head and it hurts.
49:37 My ABA consultant uses PEAK curriculum and I wanted to know what’s your opinion about this curriculum. Any pros and cons please. Thank you
51:04 my 4 yo ASD son will answer questions about facts or his environment, but doesn’t answer at all about his day/life unless its something very emotional/important to him-then he recounts in detail. why?
57:45 Wrapping up Live Shows for the year