Ask Dr Doreen 2.27.24 Topic: When is it time to make changes?

In this episode, Dr. Granpeesheh talk about when t is time to make changes.

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:05:29 My daughter’s school doesn’t believe in one to one aides. Should I change school districts?
00:10:22 I love my BCBA but they can only give me 20 hrs and I want 40 for my child. Should I switch ABA providers to get the hours I need for my child?
00:16:24 When do you know if a dietary intervention isn’t working?
00:20:28 Am I dealing with my daughter’s self injurious behaviors in the right way?
00:32:45 Do you recommend public school or private school for children with ASD?
00:40:47 Is there a training class for SKILLS?
00:41:54 My 4.5yr old is having trouble adjusting to our new born baby. What do you recommend?
00:46:25 Do you think my son needs B12 shots?
00:56:47 Is SKILLS DEVELOPING only up to a certain age?
00:59:51 What are your thoughts on digestive enzymes?