Ask Dr. Doreen – ABA Therapy – Stimming – Speech

Autism Expert and pioneer in the field of Autism, Psychologist and BCBA, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh is answering viewer questions LIVE! Dr. Doreen also answers a question for the Ask an Autism Expert segment! Write in and leave a comment with your question for a chance to get it answered LIVE in real time! Or Check us out Later wherever you get your podcast! Recording Live 10am PT April 12, 2022
7:00 My son has HPHPA bacteria, and my family doctor and his pediatrician refused to prescribe antibiotic. Why? because I did a second OAT with Great Plains Lab. What do I do? My son regressed into autism
13:42 Hi Doreen, my son is 4-year-old and attends center-based ABA Therapy for about 34 hours per week. It’s been a year since he started, but he still stims a lot like flapping hands, spinning, jumping, verbal stim. He also got Speech apraxia I just want to know how my son will responds to the therapy in coming years, with the experience you have as you have seen so many kids, I am very worried about him, as I feel some time he is progressing and sometimes he is regressing with his stimming behaviors.
26:30 Our 4.5yr boy has advanced far … as a update & hope for many. He started with Early Intervention … OT, PT, Aba ( home & PreK ), and Speech Therapy have allowed him to blossom… He MAY be considered twice-exceptional now .. BUT falls very short with social growth AND yes – VERBAL STIMMING and focus issues will make 5yr kindergarten a BIG challenge. ANY INPUT?
37:10 I’m TERRIFIED of sending my son to kindergarten. I kept him back this year to do one more year of full time Aba. They don’t allow ABA or 1 on 1 aides here. I’m just terrified
39:50 Hi Dr. Doreen, my twins will be 3 years in June. They recently got their VB Mapp Assessment done and they are on level 2 (incomplete) and some splinter skills complete in level 3 I.e. reading & math Also tasting is complete of level 3. Our BCBA warns us that some kids get stuck at level 2. Is that true? What can we do now to avoid getting stuck?
43:20 Would AIT help with verbal stimming?
47:55 My son starts to run around nonstop with vocal stimming in Costco I don’t know what it is if it’s the bright lights or noises and if I hold his hands, he gets angry. It only happens in Costco no other stores I’ve tried noise canceling headphones and sunglasses, but I haven’t figured out what it is.
50:46 We need assistance in getting my son ABA therapy. Our insurance covers it but the deductible and the out-of-pocket quotes make the weekly fees exorbitant. Is there an advocate we can engage to assist us in getting these costs reduced based on our income or a grant we can apply for to assist? He is 11. We have been doing biomedical but the school he attends believes it will assist him in his academics. It is the best school we have been to and he does have trouble communicating still. He is fine for me at home. He understands my directions and even can do some home tasks at home and without any direction at all; he self directs. At school is another matter. They tell me he is not a behavioral issue at all, just having trouble with the verbal communication piece. Any assistance or guidance in tackling this hurdle would be great.
52:55 hi, i am from India…using skils and loving it…just wanted to know what does a typical day in 25-40 hour aba look like for a verbal child, level 3 vbmapp.. 5years age…
58:44 My son is pushing other kids and his preschool reduced his attendance to just one hour and I am not motivated to take him there. Do you think I am wrong? a specialized school. that cannot deal with a 4-year-old. He wants to play but he doesn’t know how.
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