Ask Dr. Doreen – ADHD – Aggression/Hitting – Food Selectivity

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Recording Live 10am PT January 18, 2022 #AutismExpert #Autism #AutismPodcast

6:32 My nine year old who has ADHD, PTSD and is on the spectrum is having such a hard time. We’ve missed almost a month of school due to Christmas break, snow days and COVID. The slack of routine is sent him into a spiral. We’re talking meltdowns at least every couple hours. Repeating the same sentences over and over again. We are working with a psychiatric nurse practitioner to get him further help. We’re going to try occupational therapy for sensory overload. He’s also on a blood pressure lowering medication that’s supposed to help with sleep since he’s up multiple times a night. We are also working on getting an official diagnosis. He sees a really good therapist but that also has been thrown out of whack due to the holidays and sickness. He lives with me, his step dad and our 4 other kids. I’m the only one who can remain patient and calm during his meltdowns. I’m exhausted. I’m grieving. I’m worried this is ruining my marriage.

19:30 Not sure if you already have your questions. I’m working with my son on reading with expression. He’s very good at imitating my facial features and body gestures when I read. Our issue is he OVERLY exaggerates me to the point where it just looks awkward. I’m so proud of him because he definitely understands it but how would I get him to tone it down a little? I do praise him after because he’s doing a great job. I just don’t know if we should continue. I’m hoping working on prosody will lead to better reading comprehension.

23:55 Hello . Could you please share what goals related to daily life skill we can add in the IEP. (Elementary School Level)

27:50 hello everyone here is my question. what are some great resources for grief? I know that grief is a hard issue to talk about and since the pandemic is still going on. a good friends sister died I didn’t know the sister but the death inspired me to ask the question. what are some good resources for people on the spectrum on grief

31:26 Hi, I wanted to ask how I can help my son with math. He’s 11 and very smart, he can read and write he’s very verbal, he can express if his in pain and all needs and wants, but I feel like the math. Part is just so hard for him, he still can’t count to 100 by himself. But he can tell if someone was mean to him and can also have an argument with myself or his dad when he’s upset. He has amazing Skills but I’m starting to think math is just one of his week ESS. But would like to help him because I feel he can learn it, been that he’s so verbal and smart, please help. And thank you in advance.

38:05 Hello and thank you both for this opportunity! My son will be 8 in 2 weeks. He eats a handful of foods. He eats baked chips, peanut butter pretzels, and for dinner a vegan grilled cheese… ..I use the reward system with him. He also drinks watered down green smoothies. I can’t get him to stop gagging at new foods. Any tips are appreciated! I’ve been watching all the videos on eating and trying to follow those directions. Thank you both!

45:59 Hi! If you are taking questions I would an advice on my dilemma. I have 3 grandchildren living with me. My youngest grandson is 12 and he is on the spectrum. He has come such along way being diagnosed at the age of four years old. Byron was non-verbal, head banger, with several meltdowns daily to now he is high functioning in the sense that he is verbal, smart and is artistic. We have had awesome help along the way. With therapist in ABA, counseling and CLS (Community Living Support workers).

58:00 My son is 4 years old and becomes aggressive when he cannot express himself. What techniques do you suggest we use to get him to be less aggressive? This is his first year in preschool around other children outside of his sisters at home. At first it was when other children invaded his space but now when he gets frustrated, he’s beginning to lash out at other children.

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