Ask Dr. Doreen – Aggression – Potty Training – Uncontrollable Laughter

Autism Expert and pioneer in the field of Autism, Psychologist and BCBA, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh is answering viewer questions about aggression, potty training, uncontrollable laughter and more! Watch Ask Dr. Doreen LIVE Tuesday’s at 10am PT!

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9:00 I want to ask this question: Please can the group tell me, after you have had a diagnosis. Why have I been told by family friends and partners, your normal. You don’t have Autism?

15:04 Hi Dr. Doreen. What services are out there when your child has graduated from ABA, is getting bigger (12 years old) and still displays aggressive behaviors? How do we keep him and everyone else safe?

28:06 Hi Doreen My son attends center based ABA it’s been a year he has started, but we still has got problem with his stimming and lack of Independent play, I can’t control his stim. obsession with fans.

38:27 I was thinking about doing a respite exchange program for single parents. Because gosh, it is HARD when you don’t/can’t qualify for respite. I have 3 special needs kids and new to the state of TX with ZERO help.

40:07 I have a question concerning couples on the spectrum. If one individual recognizes that they’re on the spectrum, And is figuring out their own triggers and corks, but the other individual does not acknowledge this is sudden realization, and continues to treat and converse with the other individual as if there is no processing issue when it comes to emotion. Issues like tone, not hearing exactly what the other person is saying, or internalizing what they’re saying .. I.e. imposter syndrome, or goes catatonic during high pressure debates, is becoming an extreme issue.

45:24 Hi Doren, My son is 4 years old, he has phases of 6-7 uncontrollable laughter everyday ? Is it sugar or something else?

49:26 Hi Shannon. What do u think it’s mora helpful ABA or SON RISE? Specifically, To deal with an aggressive child.

52:56 Hello, just going to put a warning that this is going to be TMI and a little bit gross, I hope it’s okay. I am 19F and I have a twin brother who is autistic and non verbal. My mother is his primary career, and I moved back home last year to help her out as my brother has gotten older and bigger than her which can sometimes be difficult for her. From us being young children to around 16, my brother was perfectly using the toilet by himself, for pooping and peeing. Just to add, he also really likes the sound of flushing and coldness of the toilet seat surface, so he often flushes the toilet just to hear the sound and he might sit on it fully clothed whilst playing games which is not really an issue. Around 16, he started pooping on the floor in the bathroom instead of the toilet. Initially we thought he was constipated and struggling to go so my mum started looking closely at his toileting routine and took him to the GP and everything was said to be fine. After a week or so of doing this we tried having him sit on the toilet (as in watching him about to go and telling him verbally to sit down) which resulted in massive meltdowns including self harming. He also stopped wiping himself with tissue afterwards. This was three years ago and since then it gotten considerably worse especially as my mum was afraid of him hurting himself if we made him sit on the toilet. He is now 19 and now poops on the floor anywhere in the house when we’re not looking, and occasionally will pee on carpet etc. Most recently my mother had some friends over, and she assumed my brother was in his room watching TV or drawing. A guest got up to go to the kitchen for some water and my brother had left a particularly liquid-y surprise for us on the kitchen floor.

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