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Recorded Live 10am PT July 26th, 2022
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0:00 Intro

10:08 I am in desperate need of some advice or direction. (Elopement)
My 5 year old eloped this morning and the rental office in which I live brought him back I assuming. I was in the bathroom freshening up for the day when I came out to knocking on the door. My son was in the living room and we were waiting for the maintenance man to fix our AC that has been broken for 2.5 days now. I opened the door thinking it was them to fix the AC but it was not, it was the office lady telling me they found my boy down around the corner.

As of right now, my nerves are shot. I have done everything I could think of to prevent any of this to happen. I am horrified that CPS and the authorities were called and that I may have been reported. IS there anything that could happen as to having my son removed ? I am literally sick to my stomach, throwing up and stomach cramps and headaches. This nightmare I want it to be over but do not know what is going to happen at this moment.

UPDATE: We bought a lock with a key lock. MY nerves are still on edge this morning. Monday July 26,th 2022 that I still in my mind think he still can get out. I know he can not get out, there is no way he can.

25:19 what way can we provide auditory stimulation to a child who is continuously clapping, stamping feet, and hitting object to teeth.

32:16 What can be happening when a child stares for moments many times during the day. Done an EEG and it came out normal and whenever i touched her she is able to react. But I will like to know what it could be.

33:51 Can you please break down how I should can teach my child at home? We use play therapy in Canada and I feel like play should be part of the therapy not all. Can a child pronunciation improve with time?

43:38 For a 20 month old is it home therapy better than clinic based therapy?

49:22 here is a personal question. my aunt and uncle were supposed to come in today but due to a mishap in her medication her and my uncle aren’t able to come. me and this particular uncle have a very deep relationship and we haven’t seen each other in a year and a half due to them moving to North Carolina. I’m handling it surprisingly well, but I’m afraid in the next few days i might have a huge meltdowns when it hits in fully. help me and my family.

54:02 Obsessive Counting
Plenty of others deserve time .. but I will put this thought/question out. A verbal-stim/script behavior pattern is occurring frequently now & impairing/preventing interaction. My 5yr ASD son has taken to CONSTANTLY without stopping 30-40min . COUNTING. .. 100s/1000s even is OK .. but he jumps into sequences of millions, billions, trillions, Google and, zillion . onto creating his own. Recently he went from prep-time for out-the-door to reach summer school .. constant counting going through breakfast, teeth, socks, shoes, into car, trip to summer school, arrive @ school, and without stopping as he went into open area ( alone ). .. This is impairing and will make learning in a classroom not possible;.. and not acceptable.

1:00:22 Obsessive Counting Cont’d
A good thing ? .. why would it turn on a go for 30-40min ? .. whisper it silently in the playground alone .. and a home. / hmm . interesting thoughts my son is super smart about math ^ measurement, time etc…

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