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4:17 My son is 8 and I want to know if recovery is still something to hope for. My son was diagnosed at 2. At that time we were dealing with delayed speech. Six months ago he started stuttering. His behaviors are up and down. He is gluten and dairy free and has been on biomedical treatment for 3 years. Good behavior at school but aggression toward his younger sister and sometimes me. He wants to play with other kids, but doesn’t know how. He is behind academically. He does well and then regressed. Please help. I want to meet adults who have recovered to know how we can get there too.

15:55 My son is 8 and is have been prescribed sertraline 50mg half a pill. To help with his anxiety He still has anxious behaviors like grinding his teeth and obsessing over his therapy swing at home. My question is He has taking his sertraline for a week now. His Neuropediatrician prescribed it and it is the first time He is taking a med.

21:36 Beautiful. But sometimes I think things would have been easy if it was solely dependent on us. But its so much related to our kids, their mood , their behavior and their health. I completely agree with the answers, thank you and I am putting my efforts toward diet and supplements but I can’t afford hours of ABA and more than an hour of speech a week so what should I do in that case? The autistic adults who have recovered or indistinguishable from their peers, not all of those parents who be rich to afford hours of ABA so what other ways they helped their kids? I really love to know please.

30:16 OKAY SO SOMEONE PLEASE HELP I just had the most horrifying experience ever with my son who is 4 and autistic. We’re staying in a hotel as we are remodeling our home and our Ac/heat is currently down and we live in Florida and we are not built for the 30 degree weather. I accidentally fell asleep earlier with my son and daughter in the room, she fell asleep as well and he undid the latch and left. I woke up and he was gone and went into immediate panic and I called downstairs and he was there along with about 30 people and 2 police officers. There were a ton of kids with balloons so now he keeps wanting to go back down there. Is there anything I can buy to keep him in? I have no idea what to do. I put a heavy piece of furniture in front of the door that he some how can move?(he’s a huge 4 year old) it was just overall a horrifying experience and I am open to any suggestions at all. Thank you so much, I feel like the worst mom in the world right now.

37:03 Mom of twin boys – 2.5 years. We have been doing ABA for over year. Kids are doing really well. Verbal not conversational yet. We are contemplating sending them to school. What are the key indicators that will help us make this decision? I don’t want to waste their or my time by sending them to school.

43:35 Hello beautiful ladies , I got a TACA scholarship to see a maps doc .. any advice for my first visit? My son 7 yrs old ASD son is preverbal and has lots of sensory issues and he’s a picky eater.

49:04 Can you please emphasize on diet for autism Dr. Doreen? My son was on GAPS diet for about 1 and half and he improved but GAPS diet is so restrict and I felt bad every time my son asked for something that was out of his diet. On the other hand my husband also believed that it was more like a punishments’ to put my son on a restricted diet. Now he is on GAPS plus diet, meaning he is having some grains that are not allowed in GAPS diet. But as i mentioned earlier his behavior is always up and down and he is 8 years old but far from recovery which worries me the most. Not sure what specific diet other parents, specially parents with recovered kids, followed? I appreciate a discussion on this please.

56:16 can you please name/recommend some great MAPS doctors? Do you accept new patients Dr. Doreen?

58:32 Does ABA work when there is also dual diagnosis of pathological demand avoidance? My daughter is 9, is this too late for ABA. We are in Ontario Canada where the conservative government has frozen funding.…

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