Biting, Self Injurious Behavior, Teenagers with Anxiety and More

3:09 I am an Autism mom and I’m tired and frustrated and sometimes feel like a bad mom because of the issues I have with my son. How do I weather the storm?

18:42 GFCFSF Mac & Cheese Recipe with Lisa Ackerman

23:06 Parent to Parent: Token Economy

25:31 My teenage daughter seeks out and says sexually inappropriate things to boys. What can I and the school district do to help curb this behavior?

42:33 My 9 year old has recently started biting himself when he can’t have something he wants and I am terrified. How can I stop this before it gets worse?

52:52 My child with PDD NOS easily answers questions verbally but has trouble writing her answers. Why is this happening?

54:38 How can I help my Preteen son with social anxiety?