Ask Dr. Doreen – Dentist Visits – Obsessions – Potty Training

Autism Expert and pioneer in the field of Autism, Psychologist and BCBA, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh is answering viewer questions LIVE! Dr. Doreen also answers a question for the Ask an Autism Expert segment! Write in and leave a comment with your question for a chance to get it answered LIVE in real time! Or Check us out Later wherever you get your podcast!

Recording Live 10am PT Feb 15, 2022

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4:50 Where do I go to report problems to Doctors about Apps? good morning I send some information I feel way better got a month 1 week off work I needed time to care for my mental health I lasted worked Thursday January 26, 2022 & going to work on Tuesday March 22, 2022 with a bunch medical appts & dentist I wish fix my chart nasty flaw for life or death situations on all platforms across USA. THERE IS NO BACK SPACE KEY GET TO YOUR LAB TEST RESULTS PLEASE CAN REPORT IT TO ANYONE TO THE DOCTORS TO THE HR & CEO STAFF 🙂

11:44 My son’s teeth forms plague quiet often, it’s because he doesn’t let me brush it properly at night. I hate exposing him to dental clinic more often but I can’t I recently noticed he forms plagues again. Is everybody else has the same issue like me? Dental offices are full toxicity as they use different chemicals. I am not sure what to do, any suggestion please?

20:25 What about the dental instruments, I heard they are made of aluminum and my son’s test shows high toxicity so this is another concern for me putting the aluminum instruments in his mouth more often? what is your thought?

23:37 My son is 8 and he is going to an inclusive school with a shadow. And He is scream when He does not get his way. He has found a new way to communicate what He needs by yelling Help me. What can we do so He can stops this behavior? Thank you. He is functionally verbal not conversational yet. He also squeeze the shadows hands and my hands very hard when He is upset and frustrated.

30:45 Hello, so happy to have you both. I have a question about my 11yr old son with autism, he’s obsessed with toilets and hand dryer, when we go out he wants to use the bathroom more than once and If we go to different places he wants to use all the bathroom available to him, it can get hard because some days I just have enough time to run in and out of a place. If he can’t use it he’ll get mad. He can hold his pee for a very long time so I know sometimes he does not need to go, I let him go at least once when we go out sometimes two times. He draws the toilets and knows the different brands. When we sometimes don’t let him go more then once he’ll get mad and say I’m still going to use the bathroom, or if I go use it by myself what happens, he says it in a threatening kind of way. Sometime It’s very hard to just go out to more then one place. He says he loves toilets and hand dryers. How can we help with these obsessive thing that is also needed, thanks in advance.

37:40 Hello, thank you for your work and what you do, my son is 9yrs old, diagnosed with Autism since he was 3 and we moved from North Carolina to Philadelphia area, and we are looking for ABA Therapy, do you have a facility in Philadelphia area?

40:23 My son just diagnosed 3 months ago at 7 even though it’s been obvious he is Autistic and severe ADHD. Now trying to get him services is a challenge the school isn’t providing ABA or OT to him 1:1. The medical side says he can’t get the amount of services needed as the school has to do the school behaviors but they aren’t what can I do to get him what he needs and has been robbed of?

45:45 My ten year old won’t poop in the toilet, what can I do?

51:36 How to deal with escape behavior? It could be any where any situation mostly the escape behavior is they are not interested in and that could be a learning experience where care giver wants to teach

55:15 How can I teach my son to play with others? it is a nightmare on playground, he is pushing others kids he will be 4in a week

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