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9:47 Sorry if this is personal haha, but as I’ve come to accept my autism I’ve also come to conclude that my bowel issues are most likely related to it. Is there a reason why autistic people have issues with their digestion? Is it solely because of our (at times, picky) diets, or is it just a thing that happens?

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20:22 We just started dating about 2 weeks ago, before we even had kissed I told him that I didn’t like light touches, especially on my face, actually that I didn’t like that people touch my face at all (I still haven’t told him that I’m autistic). After we starting dating he proceeded to caress my face, he said that It was just to check if I didn’t like it, I said that I didn’t and removed his hand. I saw him yesterday and I feel like I want to break up already, he touched my face constantly and I had to removed it everytime, and everytime he said that he forgot. Not only that, he loves to touch me all the time, I can’t stand it, I don’t feel comfortable, and sometimes I don’t feel safe (we are gay). The thing is that I like him, sometimes I feel like I am the one that’s wrong because that’s been a problem in every relationship I’ve had.

29:06 Hello, my son can read flashcards, and can tell you the name of whatever you point out if he knows, but I can’t understand why he can’t express himself on his own. He has 4 words he said on his own.

31:27 I have a question as to therapies and services. My son was diagnosed with Autism and ADHD after 3 years finally and he is 7 everyone says early intervention and clearly he missed the early part. My question is will he continue to benefit from services he is just now starting at such an older age??

38:50 Hi, my son is 9 yrs old autistic, he started saying few words in last six months. initially he had one word speech which regressed at 2yrs of age. is there any hope at this age that he will develop more speech and language? 41:14 Yes what he wants. Like want blueberries, want iPad, give hands etc. want yogurt.

45:54 Hi Dr. Doreen. My son has recently been telling me that he is unable to focus at all, especially in school. Are there ABA techniques to help with this? He is 11. This has happened more since he has had many changes at school. (His B.I. was just changed and also his therapist, right after coming back from Christmas break.) He keeps hitting his head saying he is stupid. He is frustrated with himself.

49:24 Would an ABA center based program be better than school where he gets zero one on one services? Could ADHD affect his ability to communicate and his academics?

52:00 My parents are both on the Autism Spectrum and I would like to learn how to bridge the gap and better connect with them.

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