Ask Dr. Doreen – Gut Health – Wiping (Potty Training) – In-Home Therapy

Check out a never before seen episode of Ask Dr. Doreen! In this episode of Ask Dr. Doreen, our host answer questions that came in last week that were not able to be answered! Questions about potty training, in-home therapy, false/exaggerated memories and more! Don’t miss it!…

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4:36 I have a 3 yr old. He has bad gut health, has to make food changes & move towards veggies which he hates. How can I introduce veggies w/out a smoothie option? He has major yeast belly Any suggestions?

13:42 I have a job interview coming up soon how do I mask so that I seem normal so people can’t tell something off with me??? Please

23:40 Special needs guy (35m) has crush me (20m) and won’t leave me alone When I started the job back in August I would push carts in the parking lot and even then he would stick to me like glue. I now work as a cashier in the store but he still hangs around me even helping me by bagging people’s stuff even though I didn’t ask him to. At first I didn’t mind him and was nice to him but now he thinks we’re best friends and follows me to my car when leaving. Every time we see each other around he always says hi even if we literally just did this 30 seconds prior. He always tells me to pull my mask down so he can see my face and asks to hang out outside of work. What really makes me uncomfortable now is that sometimes when saying bye to each other he says “I love you” quietly but I can still hear him, and he tries to go for physical contact. I even spot him watching me when I’m in my car on my break. I try ignoring him but I can’t really do that when he’s breathing down my neck. I don’t know if I should be direct with him and tell him to leave me alone cause I’m not sure if I’ll get written up/fired for being mean to him cause it has happened here before, but I don’t know the details. I really wish I was never nice to him in the first place cause I kinda brought this upon myself. I also don’t know what kind of disability he has.

34:22 I know you have previously addressed proper wiping for an 8 year old, but I have an 8th grader that still does not do it correctly. We have tried many reward systems, but it’s just a matter of time before they stop working. He understands how and when we talk about it he just says he is being lazy. He is in regular ed with friends and afterschool activities. I can smell it as soon as he gets home. I’m scared he will be teased and cannot believe he hasn’t already! He also struggles with other areas of personal hygiene (teeth and showering). He will go weeks without brushing his teeth (says it’s ‘unnecessary” and throws tantrums on shower day. Again, have tried rewarding him after completion. Why are these tasks so difficult for him? Any tips would be greatly appreciated! PS.. he has a typically developing younger and older brothers that model proper hygiene for him. How do we make him care?

38:58 I feel SO bad about this… should I though? So, my son gets in home therapy and he actually really loves it. However, a while back I had to tell the main lady at the office that one woman really wasn’t working out. she was really a cool person, but she wasn’t actually doing anything with my son but sitting there and playing on her phone. so i said it wasn’t working… nbd. Now, though… he has three that come over and he loves them, they play with him, we’ve seen great strides in many aspects of his life… well… they just included a 4th person and to be quite frank, she’s rude and disrespectful to my whole household.

48:50 My son is 9 yes old autistic , lately he has been acting different, sexually, he acts out physically grinding , at first I thought he was exploring , but now he seems to call names , he says nasty words, and he wants me to kiss him or he push his my head down. I am not married at this time and no man is coming to my house for him to see this behavior. He his visits his dad (everyday), I asked dad if he has any thing to say about that and he said, no he wouldn’t see any thing like that. I am so confused to is this normal or should I be concerned.

54:10 Good morning, my almost 11 year old has high functioning ASD. One of our biggest challenges is his false/exaggerated memories of events. They are always negative, never positive. For example, we will bring him to basketball (which he loves and always excited to go) and he will report how awful practice was and how much he hates it, and we “make him do things he hates” but then 2 days later he is back to being excited to go to practice and runs inside. He does this for most activities.

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