Gut Problems, Autism Recovery, Systematic Desensitization & More

06:32 are gut problems prevalent for people like myself, I’m having a colonoscopy next month, I’ve heard all about gut biomes and stuff like that, I just want answers and should I refuse a colonoscopy.

13:00 3 year old grandson in Canada – Right now he is not verbal. He repeats a few words for example apple or banana but not clearly but he tries sometimes. It seems that he learns and then he forgets. He has 9 hours ABA a week. I believe it is not enough but in Canada they believe that he is still very young and doesn’t need more. Recently he developed visual stimming. He constantly looks at a window, daylight or lights. Since he started doing this he doesn’t want to play with any toy. I cannot catch his attention at all; no eye contact, no play. I hear you saying that your son recovered. How did you do that? How was your road to recovery? Did he have severe autism? Is there a way to reduce his visual stimming and making him more attentive?

24:12 Overcoming challenging Behaviors Free on Skills for Parents and Teaching Communication Modules for Educators

28:40 would you recommend putting a 7 year old with moderate autism that is functionally verbal in a General Ed. class for half of the day in school?

34:00 how would Dr. Doreen treat repetitive movements. its automatically reinforcing and hard for him to be aware of his movements. could you please tell us how you would reduce hand flapping behavior? its affecting his academics and he also has ADHD. Can you talk about continuing to follow a whole food diet and continuing organic and eating healthy.

39:18 How does one help with stimming from spitting? When younger was easier to replace with a harmonica and now older, what can i replace it with?

42:55 He is spitting in sinks and outside. Is it a oral motor texture thing?

43:43 (Systematic Desensitization) Good afternoon I wrote in to Ms. Shannon my child’s issues with dogs and no one can help she even gave me several resources that I tried Eagles couldn’t help and autism speak I reached out several times the lady said she couldn’t help and would try to get me resources but never did last week Noah also non verbal ran in front of a vehicle from dogs and my worst nightmare flashed before me .What is the best way to desensitized on my own not many resources in my area and just own my owner So do you have any special people that could help no family other than my other granddaughter that also has Autism? Thank you for any advice he wont go outside?

54:03 When do kids with ASD give first words? because my brother who just turned 2 with ASD has 10 words

55:34 Please I’d like to know more about eliminating or reducing scripting. My 6 year old son who is on the Autism spectrum scripts often and it gets in the way of therapy and general learning.