Ask Dr. Doreen – Limited Interests – Food Selectivity – Behavior

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Recorded Live 10am PT January 11, 2022

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5:38 Ask an Autism Expert How can I get my child to show interest in something other than their limited interests?

8:15 Food Selectivity he eats nothing. because of his sensitivity, he eats 10 menu items grilled cheese, peanut butter sandwich (on brown bread), nutella sandwich, banana bread, a slice of apple not more, hummus on naan bread (not by choice), ensure calorie plus, milk, chocolate cake (on birthday only), mini drinkable yogurts, chicken soup ramen noodles. That’s it.

28:36 My son is 13, but somehow I have been fighting the food selectivity battle for 113,574,576 years.

32:16 It literally comes down to my son smelling a cracker, licking it, knowing the difference in brand or type. Like a supersonic sense. His loss of foods is based on experiences. For example, going through divorce and being forced to stay with his Dad, who had never cared for him before. Bad experience, lost 5 foods, list his juice that we used to put his vitamins into.

34:43 My kid just ate asparagus last night. Seriously. I would have never thought that were possible before.

38:12 Any advice on a child who will only eat one of vegetable which is green beans?

40:26 Hi Dr Doreen, I’m new immigrant single father with my autistic 8 years son I’m concerned will I be able to work full time job when I arrive to state with my autistic son ? or only I can work during school time?

44:05 How do I go about limiting my son’s Ipad time?

52:00 I’m a BCBA and I’ve been following Autism Live since I was studying for my RBT certification. I started with “Jargon of the Day” 🙂 wanted to recognize the incredible work you do on providing a compassionate way to understand neurodiversity. thank you

52:40 My 3 year old has been diagnosed and I have been given an ABA prescription for 30 hours a week but the ABA service provider can only provide 20 hours a week. Would 20 hours be enough?