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Autism Expert and pioneer in the field of Autism, Psychologist and BCBA, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh is answering viewer questions! Today, Dr. Doreen answers questions about homeschooling, Meltdowns, ADHD and more! Tune in and check it out!
Recorded Live 10am PT August 2nd, 2022
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0:00 Intro

9:05 Is increase in babbling after intensive ABA therapy is a good or bad thing?
I want to update and ask you some questions. My son right now, 3 years 6 months old. Has been in ABA since 3 years old, first 20 hours per week and we increasing per month. Right now, he is in ABA therapy for 50 hours per week (in 3 different centers in Jakarta) and 2 hours per week sensory integration and occupational therapy. After very intensive ABA this 1 month, he increasing eye contact, tacting, labelling, manding, some intraverbals (answering questions). But, still very little spontaneous sentence or comment, and not yet conversational sentence. He is also increasing in babbling, random speech (not functional and also functional words). My questions, what can we expect from the therapy? Can very lot of ABA therapy cause overdose? Is increase in babbling (between functional words) after intensive ABA therapy is a good or bad things?
How long does intensive ABA therapy will last? What outcome we can see in the upcoming months or years? Right now he still in minimal verbal stimming (can ABA therapy reduced or minimize/disappear the verbal stimming?) (My son can interact like hugging, kissing, say good bye, kiss bye, he is a sweet and cheerful, playful boy)

24:02 what is a good behavior token economy. we started a summer challenge photograph the alpha bet. hope it motivates our support staff your thoughts

25:11 How do we get our son to sit through a hair cut, he’s almost 8. It’s getting tougher every time.

37:26 Do you have any kids that have gone through the stem cell therapy option? what were their outcomes?

40:17 What is the best way to plan a birthday party for an autistic individual?
I have heard horror stories of parents planning birthday parties and nobody shows up or rsvps. some have called police officers to show up. some have had to use social media campaigns. etc. what is the best way to plan a birthday party for an autistic individual?

48:23 My son can seem to get good ABA he will start and then the BI will quit or move it’s been so hard, Also they just sit him at a desk the whole time so my son feels like he is back at school.

55:33 Self Injurious Behavior (Banging Hands on Hard Surfaces)
I wrote in a few weeks ago for Dr. Doreen regarding my son’s self injurious stimming. Shannon asked me to email her but I haven’t had the chance, we were in crisis mode. We’ve tried all types of replacements but nothing is working. He bangs his hand,wrist and knuckles and is causing swelling and bruises. It’s not attention seeking. He likes how it feels when he bangs, He does it when there are no demands. He does it when he’s alone, I’ve had to buy him a glove to protect his hand, wrist, knuckles. He’s happy when he bangs, He’s laughing and playing while he’s doing it, He does it in all settings and places.

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