Ask Dr. Doreen – Methyl B12 Shots – Meltdowns – ADHD Medication

Autism Expert and pioneer in the field of Autism, Psychologist and BCBA, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh is answering viewer questions about Methyl B12, Meltdowns, ADHD medication and more!

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5:09 Shannon’s Happy Birthday Message to Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh

10:45 Happy Birthday Wishes from Viewers to Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh

12:43 Hi, what can MB12 shots do for my 9-year-old son? Diagnosed with ASD and nonverbal, he started with his first shot today.

18:14 I experience that people Get angry at me a lot I’m tired of it! It makes me sad! Why do people Get outburst at me often? I don’t trust people just leave me or reject me. Christians wants my autism to go away its very hurtful -and they want to pray it away like i was filled with demons I’m a Christian myself!

26:17 Will you ever do a call-in show?

26:37 I’m so defeated my son started medication before his ADHD and he has tried several they all make him emotional, aggressive, and irritable. He started ABA yesterday and I had to pick him up he meltdown.

39:14 Our school wants us to consider sending our 9 yrs old daughter to another school where they have 8/3 ratio because she isn’t keeping up academically. We worry that this will not be an inclusive experience and will affect her mental health. How will she do moving away from her only friend and the anxiety of a new school?

43:39 Hello, how can I help my 20yr old son who wanted to attempt suicide last week, he’s coming out of the mental hospital in a few days, now I don’t know how to treat him, he’s not on the spectrum. His younger brother is the one with autism, please help me with any advice you may have.

54:41 How do I get help for My autism, but I have no money or a support system at all.

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