Ask Dr. Doreen – Positive Reinforcement – Potty Training – Autism Success Stories

Autism Expert and pioneer in the field of Autism, Psychologist and BCBA, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh is answering viewer questions! Tune in and check it out!
Recorded Live 10am PT August 9th, 2022
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0:00 Intro

5:13 Helping to Learn Conversational Speech Skills
My son is almost 4 years old, at 2 he got diagnosed with autism. We’ve been doing speech therapy and ABA for a year but I don’t see much improvement. He is able to talk but his speech is not clear.

9:42 My problem is a 3.5 yr old minimally verbal for whom I cannot seem to find any kinds of reinforcers. He runs from one thing to another, climbs on furniture, throws things around, breaks stuff, doesn’t stop even long enough to show interest in anything new for more than a few seconds, or favored previously. I’ve tried snacks, sips of Cola (which he loves), new toys, he doesn’t like to be touched so no tickles and much more. If I can get his attention to notice something, the minute I show interest, he abandons it. It’s as if he knows I’m trying to ‘bribe’ him. I’m at my wits end so any advice?

20:33 My son is 16 on aripriprazole has been for 3 years. How long do we keep on medication.

23:58 My son w/ ASD will be 5 in Oct. He’s progressed from single words at 3rd bday to talking in complete sentences- even complex (e.g., “and, if, so, because, but, while” etc. many times a day).

30:10 What about when ABA is just sitting at a desk for hours! What could I ask my ABA provider to do so he isn’t just sitting at a table?

32:40 My developmental pediatrician made referrals for multiple services ABA, music therapy, OT, Speech therapy and so forth but the problem we are facing is that the insurance has a waiting list and the we have to wait to provide services . I am almost positive that we may have to pay all his services out of pocket. Do you have any information where we don’t have to wait or pay out of pocket?

36:55 Potty Training: Teaching the Importance of Wiping
My son whines and demands to wash his hands after a BM. Despite knowing what to do about wiping himself; He is adamant to not do it and just directly wash his hands after a BM. I am at a lost on how to make him understand that wiping himself is needed. Thank you in advance.

38:05 Question for both Dr. Doreen and Shannon: What are the common things in autism success stories? This would be a great motivation for us parents 🙂

48:13 I have found that my sons teachers as well as ABA provider don’t push my son because they think he can’t do certain things but in reality he can and he is bored with what they work on with him!

49:37 Our son was doing really good for a long while doing aba. He would match objects with generic pictures. This term he’s all of a sudden completely gone. Matches colors as if he was color blind.

57:05 How do I get my 3 year old started in ABA?

58:21 Where can I find the link to the free RBT training?

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