Ask Dr. Doreen – Preparation – Diet – Autism Recovery

In this episode of Ask Dr. Doreen, our hosts Shannon Penrod and Autism Expert and pioneer in the field of Autism, Psychologist and BCBA, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh answer viewer questions! You can also Check us out Later wherever you get your podcast!

5:04 Autism & Dealing with Neighbors For some context, I live in a basement apartment with my husband and our dog who as well as being a service animal, loves kids and is very mild-mannered. We have been having issues with our upstairs neighbors since November in regards to loud stomping, furniture being slammed, and loud screaming. I have been up to talk to them about it several times and last night I reached my breaking point. I went upstairs to ask them to please stop stomping as my husband works early mornings and was trying to sleep for work. When she opened the door I could see that the small two-bedroom apartment had no less than six adults and four kids inside of it. I calmly asked them to stop the stomping and since this is the third time I have had to ask in the last four months, the next time it got this bad I would be lodging a complaint with the property management company. My neighbor had a friend over who has a 3-year-old who is on the spectrum and was the one stomping the hardest and causing the most amount of noise. Her friend gets a sour look on her face and started chirping at me from across the room. Friend: You live in a basement apartment and he has autism, what the hell do you expect me to do there is going to be some noise. Me: Ok, I get that I live in the basement but stomping until picture frames fall off my walls is a different story. please help me

20:08 What Happens to My Child After I Die? Support for adult autistic patient who is stable, living with parent at home. He ia motivated to go to his work on MWF by bus, gets up, dresses, eats breakfast, gets bus by himself. Does household chores and hits all expectations in a timely manner. Socializes well with adults and enjoys cultural activities. Problem: what happens when parent passes? How can we make plans for him (now 59 yoa) in the case of losing his single parent (79 yoa). What preparations can be made? How can he be prepared for the loss of his dad? He does not want to live by himself. So. What can we do to prepare him for another situation?

37:58 Hello Shannon, Dr. Doreen! Thank you for always trying to help us! My son is 4+ non verbal, regressed around 20 months and attends ABA at CARD San Antonio. From your previous advice about getting a stool test done to check if there is a yeast overgrowth to rule out yeast as the reason for my son’s no-reason laughing spells. We got a comprehensive stool study ordered by a functional med Dr and there was no yeast issues in the results. But some issues with mal-absorption for which a specific strain of probiotics (L Reuteri) with vit D has been prescribed. After a week of using them, he has diarrhea, earlier he had hard stools. should we hold on to the probiotics or continue even with the diarrhea? PS. he is still on the GFCFSF , reduced sugars diet

41:14 Hi I want to ask Dr. Grandpeesheh about my son qho was diagnosed with autism at 31 months. We live in South Africa. My son never responded to his name, he would spin himself around, he lined up toys and would play with them in strange ways. My son would be distracted by the smallest sounds and would hate weird textures on his hands. He would also hate to be hugged and only had 2 words by the age of 3. My son just turned 5 and now I’m starting to question his diagnosis. He has been in aba therapy, speech and OT for 2 years. Now at 5 he loves going to the playground and playing with other kids. My son always manages to find a friend. His speech is still delayed but I can have a conversation with him and I feel he will soon catch up to his peers. My son has never had a meltdown. He loves playing with dough an sand now. Doesn’t seem to have sensitivity to sounds anymore and loves hugging his mom and I. He is completely different now. I just don’t understand it. He is in mainstream and his teachers say he is a pleasure to have in class and he is super confident when answering questions. Do you feel he might have been misdiagnosed?

49:49 What do goals look like for older kids? We stopped at 9 because I felt like I had a handle on it.