Ask Dr. Doreen – Sensory Issues Pt. 2

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1:08 What about sensory processing non verbal autism ID and ADHD UNATTENTIVE any suggestions?

5:36 My (5yo) son has few physical stims. He has some vocal ones, but he also often zones out (sometimes whispering) & won’t respond at all for a while. When we ask, he says he’s thinking.

12:32 My son is screen obsessed he plays things over and over likes to chorograph two devices his aggression comes with removal. Lacks fine motor so computer stuff he can’t grasp

20:20 One of Parker’s sensory issues is the happy birthday song. I don’t know why that is the case. He says d*mn it and says no no no every time at a restaurant when it happens.

33:08 working in spl Ed, how can I help 3.5 yr old to ask for help for washroom in the classroom, because the student soils often during the activities…

37:16 Is vocal stimming related to language skills? Could I explain my son’s vocal stimming as the regression? Do you have any ideas why it suddenly disappeared?

38:28 My son has been licking the bottom of his feet and his arms . he has a severe oral aversion and does not eat by mouth so I’m not sure what to do.

41:10 Hello! My name is Matt. How May I help a teenage boy increase his voice volume, if he is sensitive to loud noises. Thanks!

44:09 Does hug therapy help with kids with ADHD and ODD help regulate their emotions when they are frustrated and angry?

48:18 My son is potty trained, however unable to wipe self . How do we approach this ???

50:21 My son has been delayed Echolalia, keep saying’ script’ Like a drill training

51:23 My son is no expressive language he does have some words now but not really any expressive language also we went to a feeding therapist.

he had severe bottle issues and surgery when he was an infant and was never able to eat orally for a while then when he was able to eat the feeding therapist treated him as if he had an oral aversion

54:00 I have a four year old son that has ADHD odd and autism and having issues with him at school with hitting pinching and running away I’m a single parent and I’m trying to find different things to help. What can I do help since he is on hold with ABA therapy for 6 months.

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