Stimming, ABA Therapy, Social Awareness & More

06:40 – How do you guys at card stop a child from stimming?

18:24 – Hi Dr. Doreen, things are opening up across the country and the world, a lot of people are having a hard time with the new rules. Like no waiting inside an Applebees for a table for example, any advice not just for myself but everyone.

26:12 – Good morning, I have a adult autistic nonverbal son. My question is did you think Adult young people have chance to overcome From St. Paul mn.

33:40 – Hi Shannon and Dr. Granpeesheh 💖♥ 🙋🙋 ! contacting you from Austria . Is there a card service provider in Washington DC or silver spring MD area please?

35:00 – Hi -My question is regarding social awareness. My child is 22 months. He is verbal. However he doesn’t acknowledge his peers. It’s like they don’t exist! Does this getter with good quality ABA?

37:50 – My question from central Virginia is who is best quality ABA therapy or how can you look and what questions should I ask them

47:40 – When it comes to insurance and the assessments…it takes a long time depending on the child’s age so insurance won’t always pay for enough allotted time to assess. At least in my experience. I wish insurance gave more time.

50:50 – 20 hours at 2 years and 40 hours at 3 years prescribed?

55:35 – what do you recommend for special ed setting for non verbal children? Distinct or assimilated

58:25 – Skills ABA parent and Guardians free Parent E-Learning course Parents overcoming behaviors