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Autism Expert and pioneer in the field of Autism, Psychologist and BCBA, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh is answering viewer questions LIVE! Dr. Doreen also answers a question for the Ask an Autism Expert segment! Write in and leave a comment with your question for a chance to get it answered LIVE in real time! Or Check us out Later wherever you get your podcast!

Recording Live 10am PT March 22, 2022

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5:40 My sister [35F] is leaving her husband and is upset. I want to help, but I am autistic. What things should I [28M] try to do to help her feel better? I’m also a hikikomori/agoraphobic/social recluse, which makes things harder. She’s staying with me and our parents with her two sons at the moment. [8M] and [4M]. She was with her husband [38M] for about 19 years, and they got married about 10 years ago. No-one’s told me the details on why she’s leaving him, but she’s told our parents. They understand these things more, I think, and would give way better advice than I could since I haven’t had a girlfriend before. All I know is that ‘He did something silly’ and that they’ve struggled in their marriage for the past few months. Today I made pasta as dinner for me and her. I’ve also looked after her kids at points in the past two days! I’m not sure if her kids have been told what’s going on, but the oldest one isn’t stupid and must know something isn’t right. I guess I am asking for general advice on how to help, but how I should react to things. I am sad because I have known him most of my life, and we regularly have spoken about computer games we’ve been playing. Does this mean I should remove him as a friend on PlayStation Network? How should I help my sister in ways I probably haven’t thought of?

13:26 hi Dr. doreen here is a question. my mom broke her wrist on Wednesday and my stepdad has had to take a leave of absence due to it. I don’t feel like I’m doing a good job coping with this. i am caring more about my routines like jersey mikes on Tuesdays. I need help handling this better. this is causing my family a lot of hassle. please help me be a better son and to do better

let me add on. my stepdad is also helping me a lot as well. and he is one of those people that doesn’t get autism in general. he is a southern person who believes in rules. I want to help him as well. please help my family. also with my sister in college and doing her externship soon sucks. plus her diagnosis of bipolar 1 I’m also afraid that she will go manic again. sorry for the bother.

21:08 What are some questions to ask when looking for a good ABA provider?

27:58 How do we find out what providers are only interested in what is best for our child and doing things in a “fair” way.

33:33 What is ABA?

39:51 My 4.5 yo speaks mostly in 4-7 word sent., can answer many intraverbal questions (including many how & why), & has a good albeit still delayed vocab. But he still struggles to have conversations.

When is a reasonable expectation for when he could converse? He just wants to talk about his interests, which is fine, but I also want to have a conversation someday.

Oh, he asks lots of different questions to us too (although that only happened in the past few months). It’s trouble sustaining back and forth.

48:20 What’s the best way to get my son from using a sippy cup? He’s two years old and three months

49:37 My 3 yr old is not feeling well at all he has had a horrible runny nose and a wet cough now for 2 days …he just looks miserable and I haven’t been able to help him …..just checked his temperature and it says 100.6 …I just cant get him to swallow any type of medicine …and its making me so sad ….he only drinks water and milk so I’ve tried mixing medicine in there but he notice it so he wont take it …he doesn’t eat apple sauce or yogurt so i cant mix it in there … he has an appointment tomorrow at 9 but i just wish i can get him to take medicine….how do u guys do it when your kids r sick and don’t like medicine.

59:07 This week on Autism Live

1:02:28 Dr. Doreen are you seeing kids right now?


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