Ask Evelyn Kung 5.14.24: Motor Skills

Autism expert Evelyn Kung joins for a special edition of Ask Evelyn Kung. Today’s topic is: Motor Skills. Tune is as Evelyn answers questions from viewers around the world.
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00:00:00 Introduction
00:07:15 How can I help my son with writing?
00:15:00 How do you know when your ASD child is ready for kindergarten?
00:19:46 My son will not get out of bed until he is told he can. What can I do?
00:27:17 Will ABA help with my son staying on task?
00:31:15 How do I wean my child from breastfeeding without him feeling rejected?
00:41:31 Do you have any tips on how to teaching manding for info?
00:50:57 Do you have any advice on whatto do with a 18yr old with ASD who is violent towards family members?