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Autism Live 4.12.24: Katelyn Giboney

On this episode Shannon welcomes Katelyn Giboney to talk about treatment and supports for teens and adults on the autism spectrum. Can ABA still help teens and adults? Is there a difference in the treatment plan for adults? How can parents support teens and adults who do not work on things like anxiety? How can […]

Autism Live 4.8.24: Sara Bradford

Sara Bradford aka SJ Childs joins Shannon to talk about the SJ Childs Global Network and the upcoming International Autism Summit. For more information about the summit visit: https://sjchilds.org/ SJ Childs LLC is committed to bringing value to the community through education, resources, and building a community of inclusion, and understanding for Autism. sjchilds.org Shannon […]

Autism Live 4.1.24

On this episode Dr. Stephen Shore joins Shannon to talk about his life and work in the autism community. Dr. Stephen Shore is famous for many things, including the sayings, “When you meet one person with autism, you have met one person with autism.”  And “The potential of autism people is unlimited – just like […]

Autism Live 3.27.24: Chrisa Sadd and Thomas Iland

On today’s show Chrisa Sadd, LMFT joins Shannon to talk about the importance of mental health for the whole family.  Chrisa has been working with the special needs community since 2003.  She has extensive experience working with families, siblings, caregivers, children, and young adults.  For many years she worked as a behavior analyst, social skills […]