Autism Jargon Explained + Special Guest Elaine Hall, The Founder of The Miracle Project

In this one our host Shannon covers DRI for the jargon of the day before discussing the question of the day with the live viewers! After that, Shannon talks about the topic of the week while taking viewer questions! Then, Shannon is joined by the star of the two time Emmy award winning film Autism: The Musical, and the founder of the Miracle Project, Elaine Hall!

9:18 Welcome to Alphabet Land

11:26 Jargon of the Day – DRI (Differential Reinforcement of Incompatible Behavior)

13:14 DRI – Actual Definition

14:10 DRI – Working Definition

21:41 Question of the Day – What makes you happy?

22:38 Question of the Week – When it feels like you can’t go on…

25:18 Interview with the founder of the Miracle Project Elaine Hall

53:49 Where to watch the EdTalk tonight

55:00 Preschool Vs. ABA

1:03:38 This week on Autism Live