Autism Live 2.21.24: Parent to Parent – ABA Basics

Shannon Penrod, author of Autism: Parent to Parent, gives a basic, but thorough talk about what ABA is, especially when used to treat autism. This is a talk that is geared toward parents but is also ideal for individuals who are on the spectrum and have heard negative things about ABA, to decern what is the intent and practice of ABA. When armed with this knowledge people can easily spot situations in which people are claiming to do ABA, but instead are doing something that is harmful or potentially harmful. We can all agree that individuals on the spectrum have a right to be considered and heard, their sensory issues have to be taken into consideration when teaching them, but they are entitled to learn, like all other people on the planet.

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The advice and opinions expressed by the host of Autism Live and her guests are meant solely as suggestion and should not be in any way construed as child-specific advice. Any choices you make in determining your child’s treatment are completely at your own discretion.

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