Autism Live Classic- Repetitive & Restrictive Behaviors + The Actor that Played Douglas from As We See It!

In this classic episode of Autism Live, we return to an episode from 2022 when our host Shannon Penrod explains Repetitive & Restrictive Behaviors! After that she is joined by the actor that played Douglas from as we see it, Andrew M. Duff! Tune in and watch as Shannon discusses Andrews experience with As We See It and other things he has been up to since the last time he was on the show over 8 years ago! Don’t miss it!

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11:46 Autism Jargon of the Day: Repetitive & Restrictive Behaviors

12:24 Repetitive & Restrictive Behaviors – Actual Definition

13:19 Repetitive & Restrictive Behaviors – Working Definition

20:58 Question of the Day – Do you have any rituals?

22:28 Topic of the Week – Normal is a setting on the dryer

23:37 The actor that played Douglas from as we see it, Andrew M. Duff Joins us

1:00:45 Coming up on Autism Live

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