Autism Live – IHSS for the Autism Jargon of the Day + Special Guest Rachael Bird

This time on Autism Live, our host Shannon Penrod defines IHSS for the jargon of the day before interviewing Mother and Cook Rachael Bird about recipes, fail safes, GFCF diet and more! Check it out! Recording Live 10am PT February 9, 2022 Rachael Bird on Instagram: @smallkitchenbigflavor…

0:00 Intro

6:33 Autism Jargon – IHSS

8:35 IHSS – Actual Definition

10:07 IHSS – Working Definition

19:48 Question of the Day: Who do you need to ask for help?

22:35 Topic of the Week: First Things First

30:11 Interview with Rachael Bird – Mother of Coby Bird & Talented GFCF Cook

31:30 When did the GFCF diet come into your life?

36:05 SmallKitchenBigFlavor Instagram: @SmallKitchenBigFlavor…

40:08 Do you have a cookbook?

43:10 SmallKitchenBigFlavor – Lettuce Wraps

44:10 SmallKitchenBigFlavor – Ratatouille

46:35 SmallKitchenBigFlavor – Ricotta Pie

50:18 GFCF Diet

59:24 Shannon’s Son and Rachael’s Son

1:06:27 Upcoming on Autism Live