Autism Live November 1, 2021 Executive Functions Explained and Ability Life Solutions

In this episode, our host Shannon discusses Executive Functions for the jargon of the day before being joined by Bob Demarco and Tresha Allen from Ability Life Solutions to make an important announcement! Check it out!

 14:20 Jargon of the Day – Executive Functions

15:33 Executive Functions – Actual Definition

16:04 Executive Functions – Working Definition

30:46 Question of the Day – What do you have a hard time finishing?

33:07 Topic of the Week – Following Through

35:03 Bob Demarco and Tresha Allen from Ability Life Solutions!

36:49 What you Should Know about Ability Life Solutions

38:40 Ability Life Solutions Super Hero Ad

42:57 The Goal of Ability Life Solutions

58:46 This week on Autism Live!