Autism Live November 15, 2021 Functional Pretend Play Explained + Author & Healer Kameena Star

In this episode, our host Shannon discusses Functional Pretend Play for the jargon of the day before being joined by Author, Healer and Autism World Autism Ambassador, Kameena Star!! Check it out!

 18:35 Jargon of the Day – Functional Pretend Play

20:43 Pretend Play – Actual Definition

21:19 Pretend Play – Working Definition

29:10 What Do I get a Teenager on the Autism Spectrum for Christmas? Autism Live Gift & Toy Guide Information

30:54 Question of the Day – What was your favorite toy when you were a child?

32:42 Topic of the Week – Festival of Toys

34:02 Author, Healer, Autism Ambassador and Show Host Kameena Star Joins us!

34:55 About Kameena Star’s Book and when it will be Released

40:25 Kameena Star’s Healing Self-Care TV Show

44:00 Kameena Star the Musician, the Singer, the Performer

50:27 USC TRUST Study

56:45 Where to find Kameena Star’s Content!

59:56 This week on Autism Live