Autism Live November 4, 2021 Theory of Mind + Your Rights

Join us as our host Shannon covers Theory of Mind for the jargon! Then, Shannon is joined by special education attorney Bonnie Yates for this weeks episode of Your Rights with Bonnie Yates! Check out this useful information!  

6:10 Jargon of the Day – Theory of Mind

7:11 Theory of Mind – Actual Definition

8:10 Theory of Mind – Working Definition

24:51 Question of the Day – Are you good at putting yourself in other people’s shoes?

28:04 Topic of the Week – Following Through

30:28 Your Rights with Special Education Attorney Bonnie Yates

34:38 Special Education Rights and Responsibilities. What’s the difference between federal state laws and federal state regulations?

35:55 What are regulations?

36:14 What is the definition of Special Education?

38:08 Key Terms – (at no cost)

38:58 (physical Education)

39:35 (Specially Designated Instruction)

40:22 Is it possible to have modifications to the curriculum outside of special education?

45:40 How can I get the school district to evaluate my child?

51:17 If we have all the notes that we kept a record of and they start talking about what a problem my child is, is it reasonable for a lawyer to go back and look at those to make asking them why they haven’t triggered child find?

54:52 Our daughter attends public school and has a great team. However, during our last conference, it was noted that she is very behind academically. We are now wondering if we should send her to a private special needs school. Is it possible to get the local school district to fund her education at a special needs school if she is not thriving in the current school environment?

57:28 How do we find a lawyer to support special education? (Texas)