Autism Live October 18, 2021 DRA Explained + A Parent to Parent Conversation

In this one our host Shannon covers Behavior Momentum for the jargon of the day before discussing the question of the day with the live viewers! After that, Shannon talks about the topic of the week while taking viewer questions! Then, Shannon shares a special jargon parody with the viewers and answers questions! Tune in and interact with our host LIVE!

 15:05 Are there any deficiencies that I need supplements for?

19:29 Jargon of the Day – DRA

20:30 DRA – Actual Definition

21:45 DRA – Working Definition

33:09 Question of the Day – Who can you 100% Count on?

34:54 Topic of the Week – When it Feels like you can’t go on.

49:30 “I even went into the procedure room. lol they couldn’t help him like me so they let me in”

49:54 “I’m out of options about teaching my 3.5 year old. He seems to love flash cards.”

59:15 Where to get a free RBT Training for Parents!

59:35 I have depression and insomnia is what’s going on right now. Night terrors, my little guy sleeps with his dad and I sleep on the couch because my brain won’t shutoff.

1:00:43 This week on Autism Live