Autism Live October 28, 2021 Flooding + Your Rights with Special Education Attorney Bonnie Yates

In this one our host Shannon covers Flooding for the jargon of the day before discussing the question of the day with the live viewers! After that, Shannon talks about the topic of the week while taking viewer questions! Then, Shannon is joined by special education attorney Bonnie Yates! Check it out!

 12:18 Jargon of the Day – Flooding

13:28 Flooding – Actual Definition

15:06 Flooding – Working Definition

19:49 Question of the Day – What is overwhelming

24:00 Topic of the Week – Topic of the Week – Making a plan but not staying married to it

26:03 Starting on Supplements for my son, Super Overwhelming right now

27:55 Sleep Issues

32:51 Your Rights with Bonnie Yates (Child Funds and Eligibilities)

40:13 A Discussion about Your Basic Special Education Rights

45:03 Disability rights of California: Special Education Rights and Responsibilities

58:50 This Week on Autism Live