Autism Live Parent to Parent: How To Teach Compliance the Right Way

We all dream of having happy children that we can say, “Put on your shoes!  It’s time to get in the car and go to school!” and they just do it.  But when you have a child on the spectrum with a communication delay or disorder, it can seem like an impossible dream.  Even worse you hear horror stories about children who were taught to be compliant so the didn’t know how to protect themselves from other’s ill wishes.  It’s a nightmare.  None of us wants children who are just blindly compliant.  The question is, can you teach children, even those on the spectrum, to comply with appropriate requests while teaching them how to have boundaries to keep themselves safe.  The answer is YES, but it doesn’t happen overnight, so we should all get started.  Autism Live host Shannon Penrod shares her top tips for teaching compliance the right way, so they feel empowered to say, No! as well as saying Yes!

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