Autism Live, Tuesday April 1st, 2014

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Today on Autism Live, Shannon kicks off April by sharing a special interview with TACA founder Lisa Ackerman. Lisa puts some perspective on the new numbers just out from the CDC and shares some of the many things TACA is doing to help support the growing number of families with children on the spectrum. Jennifer Cook O’Toole from talks about her journey from being diagnosed to writing a series of bestselling books on having Asperger’s and raising a child with Aspergers. Jennifer is on the spectrum, as is her husband and her 3 children. Finally, Larry Houser, the founder of Fullerton Cares, shares from an Autism Dad’s perspective how important and rewarding it is when you get involved! Fullerton Cares events include the Mardi Gras for Autism, The Beautiful Autism art project, a Fullerton School Sensory Garden, a unique prom event and much, much more!

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