Autism Live, Tuesday April 8th, 2014

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Today on Autism Live, Shannon kicks off Autism Acceptance Week by welcoming Ellen Sabin, the author of The Autism Acceptance Book: Being a Friend to Someone with Autism. This is a wonderful, interactive book that helps children to understand and accept individuals who are different from them. The book also features a free online companion curriculum for teachers who want to work through the book with their class. For more information visit Shannon also welcomes Kerrie Mallory from Autism Will Not Define My Kerrie shares some of the upcoming events that she is participating in to raise money for Autism, including an INK 4 Autism event where individuals can get tattoos to raise money and awareness. Shannon recalls shaving her head, exactly one year ago today to show compassion in action for Ryan Eoff.

0:00 Intro

8:22 Autism Jargon of the Day – IDEA

8:57 IDEA – Actual Definition

9:25 IDEA – Working Definition

13:16 Question of the Day

17:23 Topic of the Week

18:47 Show Preview

19:59 Empowering Autism Parents with Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson

22:35 Author Ellen Sabin Joins via phone

30:37 Camp Discovery Promo

45:00 Smarty – April

47:20 How to find specific content on

51:27 Viewer Question – I am a single mom with a limited budget, how do I find the proper school that fits my budget?

59:03 The A-Word

1:09:08 Kerry Mallory Skype Interview

1:15:12 Institute for Behavior Training Promo

1:23:45 Skills for Autism Promo

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1:37:24 Center for Autism and Related Disorders Promo

1:39:00 IEP season

1:47:17 Mission Possible: Portraits of Hope – Maddy

1:51:51 T-Shirt booster for therapists

1:52:35 viewer questions