Autism Live – What is Respite Care? + Author, TV and Film Writer – Howard Chesley

In this episode of Autism Live, our host Shannon tells us what Respite Care is for the jargon of the day! Afterwards she is joined by author, TV and Film writer Howard Chesley to discuss how he got the idea for his book “Free Marcus Katz” and much more! Tune in and check it out! Recorded Live February 7, 2022
9:55 Jargon of the Day – Respite Care
12:08 Respite Care – Actual Definition
12:56 Respite Care – Working Definition
25:47 Question of the Day
27:45 Topic of the Week – Are you getting respite care?
30:00 The author of “Free Marcus Katz”, Howard Chesley joins us!
31:38 what is “Free Marcus Katz” about?
39:45 About Howard Chesley and his connection to Autism
47:00 About the main character of the book “Free Marcus Katz”
55:42 Where you can find Howard Chesley’s Book “Free Marcus Katz”
1:02:52 This week on Autism Live