Autism Live – What is Stimming? + A Talk About RBT Training with Dr. Justin Leaf

Tune in as our host Shannon Penrod discusses what the autism jargon term “Stimming” means for the autism jargon of the day! After that, our host is joined by Dr. Justin Leaf, BCBA-D, Co-Director of Research and Director of Training for Autism Partnership Foundation and Professor at Endicott College. Together they both discuss RBT training and Dr. Leaf gives us resources on where to find training of your own!

Recording Live 10am PT January 12, 2022

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8:03 Jargon of the Day – Stimming

9:09 Stimming – Actual Definition

10:08 Stimming – Working Definition

20:05 Question of the Day

22:34 Topic of the Week

25:06 Dr. Justin Leaf Interview

28:55 Autism Partnership Foundation RBT training and how to access it

34:29 What is significant or different about the Autism Partnership Foundation’s RBT program?

36:22 what else do you offer?

44:41 Viewer Question What happens if you don’t have autism or other disabilities? Can you be attending?

47:11 Are you guys doing a conference this year?…

49:07 How you can donate to the Autism Partnership Foundation

55:46 Viewer comment “There are so many self advocates who are Anti-ABA”

59:04 This week on Autism Live