Ask Dr. Doreen – Sensory Issues – Severe Autism Signs – Potty Training Advice and More!

Autism Expert and pioneer in the field of Autism, Psychologist and BCBA, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh is answering viewer questions about how to handle sensory issues! Tune in and check it out!

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0:00 Intro

14:05 How do I know if my son has severe autism?

30:26 My child jumps while poop. he does not know how to squat he is 4.5 year old.

another problem he bangs objects because of sensory issues. how can I resolve this banging issue

37:25 What are some factors that indicate more on the Intellectual Disability Vs Autism?

43:30 My son is four years old. He is nonverbal, classified as intellectually disabled, and severely autistic. He is a very sweet little boy, and I love him very much. He needs a lot of special care and is emotionally and mentally more like a very young two year old. He goes to autistic specialized preschool and absolutely loves it. I am having some difficulty with recent behaviors and the school isn’t really helping with ideas. He likes scripting from YouTube videos. Mostly nursery rhymes and songs with alphabet and numbers. The scripting in itself is not a problem. The main problem is that he does not control the volume of his voice at all, and he will script literally nonstop day and night. Most children when they wake at night would become bored and go back to sleep, but he is perfectly happy to entertain himself for several hours on end. Does anybody have any suggestions how to help him understand there is times he cannot do these behaviors or at least to do them quietly? Given his limitations simply requesting he be quiet or does not work, and only pauses his action for about three seconds. I am a single mom and I lack social support. I have also explored every resource in the area, and there are not a ton. I am utilizing what is available, but I need more help.

55:00 He loves cords and shoelaces his gone through so many shoe laces I’ve had to buy so many because he pulls on them or puts them on his mouth I don’t know what to do he reaches every where I put them.

58:10 I’ve requested accommodations at the school without result.
Without the diagnosis of deaf they will not accommodate.

1:01:50 All Ghouls Gala Invite

1:03:27 The Start of Pt 2

1:04:46 What about sensory processing non verbal autism ID and ADHD UNATTENTIVE any suggestions?

1:09:12 My (5yo) son has few physical stims. He has some vocal ones, but he also often zones out (sometimes whispering) & won’t respond at all for a while. When we ask, he says he’s thinking.

1:16:10 My son is screen obsessed he plays things over and over likes to chorograph two devices his aggression comes with removal. Lacks fine motor so computer stuff he can’t grasp

1:23:55 One of Parker’s sensory issues is the happy birthday song. I don’t know why that is the case. He says d*mn it and says no no no every time at a restaurant when it happens.

1:36:52 working in spl Ed, how can I help 3.5 yr old to ask for help for washroom in the classroom, because the student soils often during the activities…

1:40:51 Is vocal stimming related to language skills? Could I explain my son’s vocal stimming as the regression? Do you have any ideas why it suddenly disappeared?

1:42:03 My son has been licking the bottom of his feet and his arms . he has a severe oral aversion and does not eat by mouth so I’m not sure what to do.

1:44:56 Hello! My name is Matt. How May I help a teenage boy increase his voice volume, if he is sensitive to loud noises. Thanks!

1:47:44 Dose hug therapy help with kids with ADHD and ODD help regulate their emotions when they are frustrated and angry?

1:51:52 My son is potty trained, however unable to wipe self . How do we approach this ???

1:53:29 My son has been delayed Echolalia, keep saying’ script’ Like a drill training

1:54:59 My son is no expressive language he does have some words now but not really any expressive language also we went to a feeding therapist.
he had severe bottle issues and surgery when he was an infant and was never able to eat orally for a while then when he was able to eat the feeding therapist treated him as if he had an oral aversion

1:57:35 I have a four year old son that has ADHD odd and autism and having issues with him at school with hitting pinching and running away I’m a single parent and I’m trying to find different things to help. What can I do help since he is on hold with ABA therapy for 6 months.

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