Behavior Reinforcers – Yelling – ADD

5:22 – I have a 25 year old son on the spectrum living at home with me, he’s barely getting by in his community with the help of his ABA aides who I pay through an FMS under his self-determination program. 2 days ago, our BCBA supervisor who was billing us $6,000 per month for 51 hours of supervision notified us that she was doubling her rate. I cannot afford that because my son’s annual budget is fixed. Can you help? I live in the state of California.

27:33 – We love our CARD family, my little is home doing therapy right now. I wish my spouse was more supportive. I am the only care, tough that he is here not really helping.

35:56 –Being home with my little, what reinforces his behavior, since I am home he is manding his needs to me more because I am home more than normal.

37:25 – I have an 8 year old who is non-verbal with an aide and a special day class. Now that we have switched to the at home learning, he is yelling whenever the video is turned on. Please help.

45:45 – What do you recommend for a high functioning teen during the COVID-19 self-quarantine?

51:07 – Can women with Autism have ADD rather than ADHD?