Biting, Systematic Desensitization, Phobias, Hyper Fixation and Much More

5:15 Hand-Biting I have son who is 10 years and he is having a lot of sensory issues. He bite his hand when he get frustrated or when demand is places. We tried chews and he hated them. He doesn’t like anything on his hand or his necklace.

10:07 Systematic Desensitization & Phobias How can I ween my adult son off music earphones, they have become a crutch. But works for sensory issues when in the community. Also my son has a phobia of dogs all sizes limits our time in the community. Thank you.

18:02 Rocking back and Forth He likes to rocks back and forth on the sofa (we replace that with rocking chair) .He doesn’t like anything on his hands or around his necklace (we tried chew tubes but he hates wearing any chews around His neck).He likes to throw thing and watch them and stim with his hands . He likes to Throw mud outside when he outside and all he wants to do is get the mud and throw that in backyard. We tried to replace with sand (different kind of) but it’s not working.

22:20 How Can I Help My Roommate with Autism? I have a new roommate with autism. Extremely high functioning, however as an adult they need still a care taker in a sense. Cannot drive, really bad with money, super gullible…can’t really cook. I’ve never lived with someone with autism, however my heart broke when they told me their story. I’m Caucasian, and they a person of color. Most of 2020 they were homeless and even caught COVID because of it. Couch surfing, they got sexually abuses by some they were staying with and others just took their social security money and EBT, all while calling them racial slurs to their face. Some people are truly disgusting. I have no interest in taking advantage of this human. They’ve been through enough and I certainly don’t want to add to the list. The issue here is not only am I dealing with autism, I’m also dealing with PTSD from what they experienced in 2020. I’d like to help promote independence so one day they can live on their own, however also don’t want to come off as cold, and I also don’t want to coddle too much either. I’ll happily take any advice I can get.

32:00 Skills and IBT Parents Useful Strategies for the Home, Educator Behavior management. RBT 2.0 Training Course Skills Phone Number 8779754559 10% of Any Skills Products

35:59 Hyper Fixation and Dependence of Routines how do I stop hyper fixation and dependence of routines. I just had a major major meltdown due to change of plans. How can this stop. I want to be there for my family and be normal but I hate this about myself. I’m in therapy now, I need ABA style intervention I think to stop this.

44:55 Fireworks are a Huge problem for my 6 Year Old Fireworks are a huge problem with my 6 yro son. Should we stay in this 4th of July?

51:10 What you should know about Senate Bill 358a (Oregon)

53:08 My son is 7 years old and diagnosed with autism. I see your videos in YouTube and I want to know how to get registered for ABA training to help my son?

56:10 Do you work virtually with families on the waiver?

58:09 How do you explain the diagnosis to your child and when would they understand?