Cognitive Defusion Explained with Dr. Jonathan Tarbox BCBA-D & More!

Our host Shannon Penrod, explains Cognitive Defusion with a former recurring guest Dr. Jonathan Tarbox & more in this episode of Autism Live!

0:00 Autism Live with Dr. Jonathan Tarbox

9:23 Autism Jargon: Cognitive Defusion

13:41 Cognitive Defusion – Actual Definition

15:30 Cognitive Defusion – Working definition

23:30 Do we use Cognitive Defusion for depression and anxiety? Do we apply it for younger individuals or adults? Do most phycho therapist use it?

25:12 does cracking jokes in uncomfortable situations count as cognitive defusion?

26:35 an example of how we might use cognitive defusion today

29:48 How could parents use cognitive defusion to their advantage?

32:00 1 more cognitive defusion strategy

38:08 Question of the day: What thoughts are preventing you from being able to do what is important to you?

39:59 Topic of the week: Seeing the bigger picture

40:43 Dr. Jonathan Tarbox Talk About ACT and Survey done by his Student’s

45:55 I have trust issues so finding someone for respite is going to be hard.

53:52 Compassion in ABA

59:10 The Implications of Neurodiversity for ABA

1:04:25 about First Steps for Kids

1:06:15 This week on Autism Live… Director of Research FirstSteps for Kids Advisory Board Member Women in Behavior Analysis Conference Board of Directors ABA Taskforce to Eradicate Social Injustice Series Editor Critical Specialties in Treating Autism…

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