Dealing with change, Automatic Function vs Sensory Function and more

7:05 Dealing with Change here is a question, hope its a good one. one of my favorite restaurants is closing soon permanently. I am handling the change well. but how can i handle it better. and I want this to help everyone.

16:08 Screaming & Automatic Functions Vs. Sensory Function Hello, I’m behavior therapists, can you talk about screaming? Can be sensory or automatic reinforcement because no reason for that. 23:43 My daughter is currently in class for Autism and dyslexia formality and her professor is playing videos on how this works. His suggestion is a sensory room. What if you only have one room and an Autistic student main streamed with 30 other students. What can a teacher do to help that one?

26:25 How do we know when its time for aba to be over over? How do we know when its time for aba to be over over? My 6 year old has mastered almost all of the vb-mapp testing and we are talking about graduating her from aba but I am afraid of that change, as you just discussed. Our BCBA has told us to continue parent training for remaining behaviors and look into social skills classes or other group activities because those would help more than 1-1 adult therapy.

37:37 My 4-yo is doing well w language but he still sometimes zones out. Bc of Covid we haven’t had an in-person eval. Could this be ADHD or is it autism making shifting attention tough? How to work on this?

45:55 My son was diagnosed with mild autism at the age of four. He is nine but he does not talk . Is there any chance he will ever talk, if yes what advice you can give.

48:49 I think I might be autistic but idk for sure I am so exhausted and tired, and I don’t wanna hurt myself, but it seems like the only thing. The way I stim is by skinpicking my scalp and it sounds bad I don’t know, and I am in a horrible situation and I try to cope by eating. Also, I asked this on another post but are there any autistic advocacy groups that aren’t ravist? I am so scared, and I don’t even know if I will. Am I weak? It feels wrong to be this vulnerable online cause I am scared someone will use it against me but why is the world so horrible to autistics like the fact that stuff like (tw aba therapy mention) aba therapy is legal and doctors you can’t even trust doctors and the thing is diagnosis is so biased, so it is so hard to find others locally. People are just so, and I am so. I feel like everything I say will be taken the wrong way and even when I trust myself in a situation and I handle it in the moment it still replays in my mind and I don’t know what to do. Can you even be yourself when you’re in hell? I have a nonspeaking autistic sibling and it’s so much worse for him and I don’t know what to do. Also, I hate it when people ask me how I am then asking why all these terrible things are happening as if there is a reason justifiable enough. When someone asks me why my heart breaks because it means I have lost another person I could trust. And I don’t hate being autistic, but my mind is so messy I don’t even know how I am. It seems so normal to me but the fact that it’s not to others is just so. I mean listen I don’t get it. One time I did something i thought was normal (i knocked and asked if her water was working because she lives close by and my water does not work) and this lady I barely knew messaged my neighbor and called me “crazy” also I told her how old I was I am like a teen and she is a grown woman. I know I should trust but I have so much to lose if I trust the wrong person. If I hear another blame, I do not deserve I don’t think my mind will cope. I will have to forget everything though it feels like I already have. I mean I will endure but how much will that matter if the pain swallows itself with other parts of my brain I need.

56:03 Greetings doctor. My 10 year old son has high functioning autism. He’s starting to realize that he is in a special day class and that he is different from the other kids. I’m worried about how this will affect his psyche and how he see’s himself. Any advice would be helpful.