Evaluations, ABA, Consultations, & NAS

6:20 – I am having hard time getting my 2 year old evaluated can you give me any advice please

11:42 – My great grand twin girls were diagnosed with autism. Now they are six years old and now they are no longer on the spectrum. I always thought once on the spectrum you never came off. 29:40 – I need guidance as where to go now that we have a diagnosis for my 7 year old son. We do have school OT/ST and social skills. But I feel like I don’t even know what resources I should be seeking. We have started to look into CARD, but with recent events, we haven’t scheduled a consultation yet. We’re in San Antonio Tx

33:40 – My son 10 years old he doesn’t differentiate adult from child the way he talks so he tells me to shut up and tells his dad. Also a lot of NAS. Is there a program he has ABA.

35:46 – FREE IBT/Skills Lesson for this week, Parent School Readiness Skills and Educator Impact on the classroom

39:41 – I am trying to be like you Shannon but I feel like no one is on board from school to ABA I had hope from u and Dr. Doreen that he could recover but now we are playing catch up I am so sad 😢😢😢

45:36 – hey Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh quick question, how can you as a person on the spectrum handle change, changes make me anger easily, the break-up of daft punk almost made me go into complete meltdown, what should I do.

53:41 – My son has taught himself Mandarin Chinese and I have to say it is hindering his skill acquisition. I feel like he speaks it better than English sometimes.